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A combination of spoken word, ambient vocals, and tribal, percussive rhythms, about manifesting one's dreams

Speaking what we want to happen in our lives is a powerful tool for manifesting. Many of the lyrics are symbolic as a tool for manifesting, as in the track, "REELeyes." One example is, "Everything you want is nested in your fingertips." Being someone who stands for social justice, these symbols and metaphors are not meant to invalidate or be ignorant to the injustices that have been occurring in the world. To be “aware,” we must be mindful to the demographics and ecosystem that exists within a culture; otherwise we’d be alienating people and whole civilizations. Speak “to” and “for” the people. We have come in the imperfect human form to experience life in the physical body; yet the body and spiritual channel is very powerful. These words are meant as mantras; to tap into what we want and continually go after that, working with the subconscious mind. Harness the Blind Spots. May these lyrics be an inspiration to fully IN-Body who You Are.



Mmm aayy Mmm aayy
Mmm aayy Mmm aayy

Sometimes you’ve got to take some time to realize
what’s on your mind…
Open up your heart and mind…
You got to feel it…

Child…let me breathe praises on your flesh,
Muddle moons on the palms of your hands
and smudge the sun on the soles of your feet...
We are our stardust futures
Vessels...Bareboned…and Free...

Everything that you want is nested in your fingertips...
Open up your palms so that the universe
can spill volcanic transformations inside the epicenter of your being
Spewing subconscious dreams to the forefront of your mind
Open up your palms and nestle yourself in her womb

Feelings bite my skin
Stretch my limbs to the sea
Annihilating the past


When u decide that dreams are silk fabric....
not spider webs…but don't fabricate…
Kaleidoscopic memories...
Kaleidoscoping my membrane...
I see it all at once
Explosions in the sky...engulfing...
It’s not you…
It’s just the way you look at me
which stains a sunbaked smile across my face


We are pentecostal dreams
mirroring how we all connect to the earth.
We become vessels to the higher mind
exploding into the sidewalk cracks
earthquaking a new vibration
which travels beyond time...

Combing back the layers of time...
beneath you and me…
In between the dirty blonde whisps of hair
that taint our eyes grey with apathy...

REELeyes your higher self
and REEL back with rhyme....
We R Rhythm


Let's commemorate
We are matter
No rhyme or reason
Do you see it, Do you feel it


All lyrics © Indigo Moon


from LUCID EARTH, released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Indigo Moon New York, New York

Indigo Moon is a solo artist collaborating with various electronic producers, combining spoken word, emceeing, floetry, and sultry, ethereal vocals over beats, ranging from downtempo, dub, trip-hop, tribal, house, and ambient genres. Her mission is to empower others and be a voice to the voiceless; shedding light on concepts for the purpose of surfacing. ... more

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