by Indigo Moon

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Vocals & Songwriting by Indigo Moon
Music produced by SriKala
Mastering by Steven Berson (Total Sonic Media)
Album Artwok by Renuvo

LUCID EARTH is about spreading the seed of authenticity and “lucidity” or clarity to the world and ourselves. The more real we are with ourselves and each other, the more real, lucid, and connected this world can be. You can overcome anything.

Each track is a completely different vibe from the next, combining spoken word, ethereal, sultry vocals, and some emceeing, over a bed of tribal, percussive rhythms, drones, and soundscapes; including a downtempo house track, "Superseding Time," and "Cozmic Mind," a track which encompasses chilled out rapping over a trap beat, laced with indigenous chants from an african tribe.

"Auromatic" is a sound healing track in which the music was tuned to 2 different solfeggio frequencies: “Repair DNA (528 Hz)” & “Return to Spiritual Order (852 Hz)"
(Some of the drum beats for this track were made by tapping on a water bottle and sampling those sounds)

Speaking what we want to happen in our lives is a powerful tool for manifesting. Many of the lyrics are symbolic as a tool for manifesting, as in the track, "REELeyes." One example is, "Everything you want is nested in your fingertips." Being someone who stands for social justice, these symbols and metaphors are not meant to invalidate or be ignorant to the injustices that have been occurring in the world. To be “aware,” we must be mindful to the demographics and ecosystem that exists within a culture; otherwise we’d be alienating people and whole civilizations. Speak “to” and “for” the people. We have come in the imperfect human form to experience life in the physical body; yet the body and spiritual channel is very powerful. These words are meant as mantras; to tap into what we want and continually go after that, working with the subconscious mind. Harness the Blind Spots. May these lyrics be an inspiration to fully IN-Body who You Are.

Indigo Moon's mission is to empower others and be a voice to the voiceless...To use spoken word, lyrical imagery, vocals, and music
to shed light on concepts for the purpose of surfacing; and to create experiential soundscapes igniting all the senses. Her work is a birthing process of her life experience for the purpose of transformation. We cannot be in touch with the light without embracing our shadow. The light and darkness must coexist and work cohesively together. The darkness needs light in order to thrive. Therefore, Indigo Moon represents synthesizing the light and darkness. The Moon emanates light in the midst of darkness.

(*Special thx to the lovely collaborative efforts of SriKala for delivering the intent of this album through the art of sound science.)

This album is dedicated to Anne-Marie Duchene, Nicole Louise Meinhart, Irene Turri, Misuzu Takemoto and Nicholas Bergman (from SGI,) Joanna Dickey, Kara Cressman, and Dia Luna.


released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Indigo Moon New York, New York

Indigo Moon is a solo artist collaborating with various electronic producers, combining spoken word, emceeing, floetry, and sultry, ethereal vocals over beats, ranging from downtempo, dub, trip-hop, tribal, house, and ambient genres. Her mission is to empower others and be a voice to the voiceless; shedding light on concepts for the purpose of surfacing. ... more

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Track Name: REELeyes

Mmm aayy Mmm aayy
Mmm aayy Mmm aayy

Sometimes you’ve got to take some time to realize
what’s on your mind…
Open up your heart and mind…
You got to feel it…

Child…let me breathe praises on your flesh,
Muddle moons on the palms of your hands
and smudge the sun on the soles of your feet...
We are our stardust futures
Vessels...Bareboned…and Free...

Everything that you want is nested in your fingertips...
Open up your palms so that the universe
can spill volcanic transformations inside the epicenter of your being
Spewing subconscious dreams to the forefront of your mind
Open up your palms and nestle yourself in her womb

Feelings bite my skin
Stretch my limbs to the sea
Annihilating the past


When u decide that dreams are silk fabric....
not spider webs…but don't fabricate…
Kaleidoscopic memories...
Kaleidoscoping my membrane...
I see it all at once
Explosions in the sky...engulfing...
It’s not you…
It’s just the way you look at me
which stains a sunbaked smile across my face


We are pentecostal dreams
mirroring how we all connect to the earth.
We become vessels to the higher mind
exploding into the sidewalk cracks
earthquaking a new vibration
which travels beyond time...

Combing back the layers of time...
beneath you and me…
In between the dirty blonde whisps of hair
that taint our eyes grey with apathy...

REELeyes your higher self
and REEL back with rhyme....
We R Rhythm


Let's commemorate
We are matter
No rhyme or reason
Do you see it, Do you feel it


All lyrics © Indigo Moon
Track Name: Superseding Time
Superseding Time

Is that all there is…
Is that all there is…

Nowhere to run…you got to go inside…
and believe it…yea aayy…mmmm
It’s not about that time…aayy ayy

Is that all there is…
Can you see it
Can you feel it…

Motion propelling
Superseding time
All there is is
Forward thinking

Nowhere to run..
You got to go inside
And fly…fly...
Can you see it, can you feel it…
You got to go inside…(echo)
Feel the rhythm
We are rhythm
Mmmm ooh ooh…

Back n forward
Superseding time
Undulating pathways
In between the threads of our minds

We are more conscious now
When we see through it all
Thru the dimensions
The perspectives
That we hold inside

Let’s escape that prism that keeps us behind
Integrate ourselves with
the third mind…the 3rd eye…
And breathe…

Ooh aay aayy...mmmm

You got to go inside (echo)
Do you see it
Do you feel it

It’s not too late
To annihilate
(echo, it’s not too late)
You got to try
(echo, You got to try)

Cuz we are
Superseding Time…
Mmmm aayy

All lyrics © Indigo Moon
Track Name: Auromatic

My brain is fully auromatic
Spitting violet love potions into the satin sky
Spinning reflections of memories of my last hour
When I flew through time with the wind and no one else...
While the moon kissed each succulent moment
To remind me she is there...
And even if you are unaware, she shows herself.

Remember, we are enveloped by the silk sky,
Which rains her tears when she cries
And reminds us we need to take care of her;
And thus, take care of ourselves and each other...

No more scattered brain deflated lies
That invade our timeline...
The wind breathes on my neck
And sends static electricity into the cosmos,
For you all to feel...
Transcending time
And exploding the sky with a new lavender vibration...
The Earth is our mirror...
Let’s RE-birth ourselves
Into a new century

All lyrics © Indigo Moon
Track Name: Brothers and Sisters of the Revolution
Brothers & Sisters of the Revolution
What else are we here for…
If not, to annihilate the riches of the world
Commemorate our people…

Withhold the system…
That lays itself down to rest,
Content with the fact it stole dreams
And programmed our minds to live mechanically…

Robotic waveforms clutter my membrane
Each day I decide to parallel my life with…
The system

That is why I must live in the universal law
That I lay at my bedside next to me at night
And the homeless people on the street are our distant faces
When we were broken…
Kneeled with their head in their hands…
It is our ancestors wrapped up,
Handcuffed in slavery…

We are all connected
Undulating the backbone of our universe…
Cradling the haunting whispers of history,
Which made us who we are today…

So we must spew sunsets into the history banks…
To claw out our cluttered minds…

Rearrange the system,
which binds our necks…
Causing a collection of heating pads,
which lay uselessly on our sofas…

That dollar delicately dangling in your pocket
Has no value in useless hands
When useful hearts go ignored

We are a part of them
They are a part of us

Rearrange the system…
Learn to fight…

Let’s wrap our heads together...
Weave the braids and locks of time between our minds
Climb and swing from ivy vines to transfer the times…

We are too hesitant to change
That which has grounded our minds…
We are merely molded in the city concrete…

Cuz they stripped the trees from their soil...
Moved the mountains from our palms,
And earthquaked the seas into a dried up ocean;
Land closed off by park rangers

So now we cannot swim against the stream…
That’s why they kept the slaves away from the water
To keep them from swimming…
To keep them from fighting…
And they wana keep us from fighting…

So we are wading in the water…
Waiting for the waves to wash change upon our heads and
Teach us to rise above the muddy waters of our time..
Some of us are caught in the undertow

So let’s learn to
Swim past the conformist current
Drowning our bodies’ organs
So that we are gasping for our last breath…

We are brothers and sisters of the revolution…
We cannot wait for the waves to wash this ashore…

We must non conform to the current and push past all this…
Sweep stardust futures into our newborn babies’ pupils
And spoonfeed sprinkles of enlightenment
into the government’s mouths
And to each other…

What else are we here for…
If not, to annihilate the riches of the world…
Withhold the system…
Learn to swim
And fight…

All lyrics © indigo Moon
Track Name: Cozmic Mind (Ritual Connection)
Cozmic Mind (Ritual Connection)

My mind is spinning
and I’ve got to get myself
into the vision of what it would look like
to get in its rhythm
Let it Ride
Let it Ride
Freeing karmic centuries
converging stepping stones
from our subconscious mind
into the crevices of our third eye

Smearing new portals to ease the tension
Ritual Connection
Ecstatic Electricity
Exploding from our chest
when we express
what is best
Birthed down upon us from the Sun
Cuz we are Children of the Sun
Rebirthing New Beginnings…
Whispers from our lips

Let it Ride
Let it Ride
It’s About that Time

Let your mind move mountains
from your palms
with your binaural flow
using both ears
That’s what it means
Let it Move
Let it Move
Spreading motion with our palms
And it starts with the mind and
Ritual Connection...

All lyrics © Indigo Moon
Track Name: Bronzed-Back Warriors (Children of the Sun)
Bronzed-Back Warriors (Children of the Sun)

Bronzed-Back Warriors:
Children of the Sun:

I’m writing this

To see what’s there… 

To see where I can place my palms…

I’m back-boning off the last layer
Peeling through the cocoon
that births butterflies into a silk sky.

I found the underworld under your shadow
And I couldn’t see
so I walked blindfolded into the sun
Prostrate to the truth…

And it colored me with a bronze shimmer
Warrioring my way through its rays…

This new air tastes of green herbal remedies
Ivy vines grown for hair to climb through…

We are children of the sun…
Eyes squinting into Her rays 

To remember who we are 

Refracting back Her face…

We are each others’

Altered tonal arrangements;
Shading on and off memories.

Sometimes I took on your skin tone
and forgot what I looked like
When I showed my image into the mirror.
So I smeared your face off me
and saw myself for the first time.

We are pieces of the earth
pieced back together again…

I am writing this to see what’s there...
I’m writing this because
I found a placement in my heart
that felt like home…

And my people have placed a need in me
To talk to you with no mouth…

We are children bronzed by the sun
And Albino’d by the moon
Bronzed-back warriors…
We are preparing for a new world
Echoed by Her womb

All lyrics © Indigo Moon